Our mission is to enhance yours and your customers' lives through digital transformation.


Our ultimate goal is to shift the market in such a way that customer experience and the resolution of customer needs are always the top priority. We are driven by Customer Centricity, Customer Experience, and Products or Services that address real customer problems. You can see this approach in everything we do, from Strategy and Data Analysis to IT Solutions.

Specific Services


A structured methodical Framework for comprehensive planning, evaluation, enhancement of interactions, and change management aimed at achieving the best possible Customer Experience, eg. Change Management, Service Blueprint, CX


Activities aimed at identifying, recognizing, and remembering customer behavior so that the client or customer can be provided with a personalized and relevant experience, eg. Value Proposition Design Customer Journey Mapping Research & Analysis

TechConsulting & Solutions​

Services related to the selection, development, and implementation of complex information systems, applications, and tools, eg. Strategy & Transformation Product/Service Design Company Vision & Business Goals


Defining a data strategy involves a set of activities that have a significant impact on how a client is able to meet its business objectives and strategically advance using data.

Data Marketing & Automation

Definition and establishment of the process for collection, analyzing, and utilizing information for targeted customer engagement and optimization of business marketing strategies.

Design Thinking & Design Sprint​

A set of activities focused on creative and user-centric problem-solving and their validation

Etnetera Sense Team

Jiří Štěpán | CEO, Data Driven Consultant​


With 20 years of experience in online projects, founding and leading companies, I strive to utilize this expertise in both my professional and personal life. I perceive our work at Etnetera Sense as an excellent tool for assisting society in digitalization and enhancing the functionality of systems that we are more or less dependent on.

In my private life, I enjoy creating things that generate further value. Immersing myself in new topics greatly motivates me, as does cycling through nature or traveling with my family.

Petr Hingar | Business Consultant, IT Business Solution

I primarily apply my expertise in the field of technology consulting. My main focus is on strategy, especially for the FSI and ICT segments, including designing solutions and technical specifications. I can precisely define needs, and effectively identify potential stress and impact zones before executing proposed steps.

I enjoy sharing my travel experiences through photographic images captured during my journeys, often in rather remote countries.


Filip Mandík | Business Consultant, Team Leadership Consultant

For over 15 years, I have specialized in developing visions and executing products and services. My approach to strategy and business cases is grounded in an understanding of target groups, data analysis, prototype validation, MVPs, and also intuition. I live by the principle that consistency and sustainability are more important than short-term satisfaction or immediate profits. My aim is to create added value and engage in activities that positively impact society. This includes not only aligning with the vision of Sense but also learning from my children and challenging perspectives through them. For me, merely maintaining the status quo is not sufficient.

Jakub Eliáš | Business Consultant

With my nine years of experience in technical and process consulting, I strive to enhance user experiences through project management and agile development methodologies.

Outside of my professional life, my main motivation is the smile of my little daughter and the opportunity to work in a family-friendly mode or remotely from anywhere in the world.


Jiří Leider | Business Consultant


For over 18 years, I have been dedicated to process optimization, efficiency, digitalization, and project management across various sectors, particularly in the financial sector encompassing banks, insurance companies, or fintech firms, as well as in the telecommunications sector. My experience spans innovation, digital transformation, and tasks such as selecting and implementing CRM, CMS, client portals, and other systems. Additionally, I focus on service models that impact customer experience (CX).

Beyond work, I expand my horizons by kayaking on wild rivers or studying information service design.

Libor Krsek | Business Consultant

With 18 years of experience in various roles, I have been dedicated to improving processes and products. I assist in the digitalization of businesses, primarily in the ICT, retail, and e-commerce sectors.

Beyond digital strategy, process analysis, BPMN diagrams, methodologies, and use case descriptions, you can expect from me a broad perspective continuously acquired in front of university students and through the viewfinder of a camera.


Petr Kovalčík | Business Consultant


My education in marketing, economics, and strategic communication at two state universities provided me with a solid foundation. I excel in projects where any customer-centric approach is key. Specifically, this involves focusing on Customer Journey Mapping, Service & Product Design, or devising and improving suitable workshop methodologies for specific businesses.

Besides work, I focus on board riding, whether it is snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing. I combine this hobby with traveling, and seek out unconventional places where board riding can be practiced.

Šárka Divišová | Marketing Manager

With 17 years of experience across the marketing and media landscape, I am convinced that marketing is not just about strategies and intentions; it should be a real story built on solid and authentic foundations. 

The rest is merely a matter of creativity, budget, and set goals. Similarly, choosing the right single-track vehicle is for me the first step towards a feeling of tangible freedom.


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